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Presenting the Bear Chair - the Improved Muskoka/Adirondack Chair

The Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada has long been famous as a holiday and recreation area. Known as "cottage country" the beautiful unspoilt forests and lakes are dotted with thousands of timber cottages, and although there are numerous permanent residents the area really comes to life in the holiday season. Walking, canoeing, cycling, fishing and boating are popular summer pastimes and snowmobile trekking is big fun in winter.

The Muskoka chair is a must-have accessory on the porch or lakeside landing of every cottage. In a variety of finishes from bright primary colours, to timber stain, or just natural wood these chairs are a welcome haven on a quiet evening. With arms wide enough to accommodate a plateful of barbecue food and a cool drink, and a contoured back and seat which provides comfort to even the most generous body shape, the hardest thing is leaving your chair to go to bed!

Have you ever worried about any of the following when looking at garden furniture?........ 

Garden chairs that creak and groan when used?    Not the Bear Chair!  

Outdoor furniture that cracks and splits?    Not the Bear Chair!

Tables and chairs that warp in shape?    Not the Bear Chair!

Flimsy lightweight construction?    Not the Bear Chair! 

Nowhere to put your beer?!!    Not the Beer Chair!

                                The Chaise Longue

The Bear Chair       
The Footstool 

The Bear Chair and associated products are manufactured in Ontario from 13/16in Western Red Cedar and 7/8in Northern White Pine. In Canada all timber is sourced from sustainable forests - no Indonesian Rubber Wood here! 
All the outdoor furniture we offer is delivered to your door in kit form, including all fixings and comprehensive instructions for assembly. Building your furniture is a simple one screwdriver task, although a spot of wood glue at the joints provides for a long life.
Only use a small amount, to avoid it leaking out and getting on the outside boards (it interferes with the stain) Treatment of your new furniture depends on the timber used and your personal preference and should be carried out as soon as possible. 

Western Red Cedar looks nicest with several coats of a good quality exterior stain. You should not paint or use varnish on cedar as those products might react with the natural oils in the wood. Consult your local hardware store for more advice on suitable products. Be sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions. One nice thing about cedar is you can leave it unfinished!  Western Red Cedar is self preserving but treatment with a recommended finish will help maintain the even wood colour. We are always pleased to advise.
Northern White Pine should always be treated immediately as if left untreated it can become discoloured and absorb moisture. We recommend using a wood stain, several coats of which provides a long lasting finish. Do not use straight Varathane or Urethane, as even though they look nice initially they weather very quickly and will allow moisture to get at the chair before you notice. If you prefer to paint your chair, or try something more artistic, you must be sure to use an EXTERIOR paint. You should consult your local paint dealer or hardware store for the best product.

         The Tete-a-tete                                         The Recliner                                                                                       

By the way, an Adirondack chair is virtually the same as a Muskoka chair, it just comes from a region of the USA.
We tend to say Muskoka chair, but that is only because we have enjoyed holidays in that region. During the last visit we thought that if we could sit so comfortably in these chairs there must be thousands of other people who would also enjoy them at home on their decking or patio.

It seems we were right! 

OK, so you know a bit more about the Muskoka region and a bit more about the Muskoka chair and Bear Chair derivative. Now take a look at the picture below and imagine yourself sitting in one of these chairs with a long cool drink resting on the arm. Been there, done that! Next do one or both of the following- book your holiday in Canada, buy a couple of Muskoka chairs and try them at home. (Tip - option 2 is cheaper but lasts longer!)

Stouffer Mill  

Relaxing by the pool at Stouffer Mill. 

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